This Jayhawks newsletter is called Streak Talk.

I’m Corban Goble, a Jayhawk fan, a fourth-generation University of Kansas graduate, and Brooklyn-based writer/editor who has contributed sportswriting to the New York Times, GQ, The Players’ Tribune, Grantland (RIP), Page 2 (RIP) and a few others.

I decided to do a Jayhawks newsletter because I know there’s a void in college basketball media right now. This newsletter will, hopefully, fill in some of the commentary whitespace: it’ll include blogging and reactions, community discussions, as well as interviews and features on Jayhawk players and personalities of the past and present. I’ll also feature games of the past and undersung moments in Jayhawk history. During the season, the plan is to launch a weekly podcast that will feature conversations with friends, media personalities and former Jayhawks.

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Subscribing gets you everything. The best (aka most relatable) stuff will be free but subscribing gets you everything, from the shorter stuff I’ll post for the sake of timeliness to the more long, tangential stuff that only has a fleeting connection to KU hoops.

Also, it’s my intention to donate most of the proceeds to charity. I’ll be transparent about what is going where. I’ve already donated around $2k to charities like Children of Promise and non-profits like Sean Casey Animal Rescue, Sunrise Movement and more.

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Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox. All the free stuff will be visible to those even without a sub. I sort of believe that the point of these enterprises is to really relish the minutiae, and for me to put out something good enough that engenders trust in the audience. But I’m just the writer here, I don’t know.

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It’s tough to get good, committed analysis to college basketball these days that’s not peering at the situation through another lens (NBA Draft, social media, NCAA wage disputes, etc). The point of this newsletter is to try and give you something you might not find anywhere else, and to surface some of the commentary that’s usually reserved for deep boarding.