Streak Talk Gift Guide

It's that time am I right?

I’ll quiet the whispers up front—Streak Talk merch will be available at some point. We’re entangled in talks with the founder of Jambys.

Until then, you’re going to need to spend your money elsewhere. So I thought the obvious thing to do was put together a gift guide. Hey you know what might be a particularly good gift for the Jayhawk fan in your life?

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Haha thanks. Anyway, I devote a great deal of mental energy to finding unusual Jayhawk gear or KU Nike deadstock, the latter of which is must-cop if there’s a great condition item in your preferred size. (Also this is only $16… basically free!) I’ve put the time in so it’s possible that you might not have to, although generally speaking it’s very enjoyable and I prefer it to most computer activities.


I’m of two minds when it comes to Starter parkas. Some are legendary; some are complete trash. This is my favorite template of theirs, and the opportunity to buy deadstock NWT joints is an important one. I do not get an affiliate for the link, which gives you all the more reason to SMASH the BUY.


This is an item I’ve hovered around for a while. There’s something to it. While it’s not a vintage Champion like I’d prefer in an ideal world—the KU bookstore does great work with Champions—it’s good quality, and operating with the preferred font set, to boot.


Since graduating from Kansas in 2008, I’ve had a few opportunities to get back to campus during the school year. While the prevalent feeling is “I am old / I am washed,” I can’t help but be impressed by how savvy modern day college students are with the vintage apparel in their purview. Like, I feel like I’m sitting on a vault of good stuff, and anytime I’m back in LFK I see 7-9 pieces I would buy off a student’s back. This is an item in that category.


Yo $30 for this Nike puffer? You might end up looking like Terry Allen but I think the price is right.