*Bob Davis voice* SWIIIIISSHHHHH!!!

It's Jayhawk basketball, in newsletter form

This Jayhawks newsletter is called Streak Talk.

I’m Corban Goble, a Jayhawk fan, a fourth-generation University of Kansas graduate, and Brooklyn-based writer/editor who has contributed sportswriting to the New York Times, GQ, The Players’ Tribune, Grantland (RIP), Page 2 (RIP) and a few others.

I decided to do a Jayhawks newsletter because I know there’s a void in college basketball media right now. This newsletter will, hopefully, fill in some of the commentary whitespace: it’ll include blogging and reactions, community discussions, as well as interviews and features on Jayhawk players and personalities of the past and present. I’ll also feature games of the past and undersung moments in Jayhawk history. During the season, the plan is to launch a weekly podcast that will feature conversations with friends, media personalities and former Jayhawks.

I encourage you to sign up if any of this sounds good to you, but know that all of the best (i.e. most relatable and relevant stuff) will be FREE. Subs will get you access to everything–community discussions, podcasts, more written content and a few other benefits.

The plan is to donate most of the money I receive from subs to worthy causes, and to be transparent about if that situation might change + what those causes are.

Go here and learn about the finer details, if you so please. Or, just smash this button right here:

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